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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Come in to full power...

We are all God/One Energy/composed of the Whole. That which created us is in us; the same intelligence. We came forgetting this for adventure. By forgetting this we see adventure as suffering. When we remember who we are, we begin to realize our power.

Full power realized calls solutions on demand. This power must be engaged, void of any doubt. Doubt can come in the form of insecurity, feeling less than, self-judgment, unworthiness. WE ALL, each and every human being, have reason for all of those, but those feelings and experiences do not diminish our power when recognized, not even slightly.

The steps are, rid yourself of any self diminishing thoughts and feelings, claim your doubtless power, take small bold, fearless steps towards what you now KNOW with certainty to be a solution you now KNOW is moving towards you.

We own the power of the solution. We have the power to push it back with our doubt and we have the power to allow it to advance with our inherent ability.

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