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Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Let us make man in our image."

"I am speak­ing of an eternal Principle that embedded Itself in humanity, and will raise Itself from the death that is called man. And when It rises out of man, It is God – the One who in the beginning said, 'Let us make man in our image. '"
~Neville Goddard~ 

I read this this morning, for approximately the 50th time. Neville gives the same message over and over again in his lectures, creatively worded differently each time, supplemented with real life antidotes, but still the same message. We are God (or whatever you call the Unexplainable). What I playfully call G.U.S, has created all that we are aware of with Its imagination. We have the same power. Our imagination is Its imagination.

I shied away from Neville for a while because everything I read was the same message. Our lives are pure and unadulterated results of our imagination. I couldn't wrap around the simplicity of this message; could it be that easy, that wondrous, that exciting?

Well, although I may still be reprogramming my beliefs, created by life experiences, I am no longer frustrated with this reality. I am ready to monitor my thoughts and imaginings and practice allowing only those thoughts and imaginings that line up with my vision for my life.

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