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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When we wake up...

Your soul knows all there is to know all the time. 
There is nothing hidden to it. Yet knowing is not enough.
The soul seeks to experience.
                                                  ~Neale Donald Walsch~
     We are our soul incarnate. We come unaware of this in order to have experiences. If we incarnated fully aware of the illusion that is our body and emotions, we would not participate. We would not have the experiences that we, our soul, seek. But when we become aware that we are, in truth, a soul, with full power over our experience, we then begin to play with emotions and experience with awareness our power over the unawareness we originally incarnated with.
     The beauty of this knowledge is that we can let go of regrets because we now know that they were purposeful and that we, as souls, chose to come here forgetting our power over this experience in order to experience things that we would not choose otherwise. 
     So, let the past go. It was the way it was meant to be, and now carry on in full awareness and appreciation of those around you, the beauty of the earth, and the magnificence of your soul incarnate.
     ~Angie Ducharme~ 

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