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Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Wouldn't it be cool if... "

"From joy springs all creation,
 By joy it is sustained,
 Towards joy it proceed,
 And unto joy it returns."
     ~The Upanishads~

A state of joy attracts that which we would be joyous of. We attract experiences that match our state of being. Neville tells us to assume that state we would like to be in. If you assume the state, you would feel joy. This state of joy then attracts that which you are already joyful of.

Abraham tells us that a state of joy puts us in a place of allowing. If you are not feeling joy, you are not allowing joyful experiences into your life. Your state of being allows experiences that line up with what you are feeling. If you are feeling dominantly sad, angry, bitter, etc., you will allow these types of experiences. If you are feeling dominantly happy, positive, playful, etc., you will allow these types of experiences.

Joe Vitale teaches a playful method of attraction. He suggests playing with the “Wouldn’t it be cool if….” statement.  This method creates a sense of detachment and playfulness. When you are creating from a place of desperation, it often initiates a feeling of fear that you will not be able to make the change or attract the experience. And of course, fear puts you in a state of attracting fearful experiences. Incorporating an element of fun into your imagining puts you in a matching state of attraction, that of fun. 

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