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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Excuse me, who's in charge here?

Uncertainty is an essential component of a miraculous life.
It is the delicious weaving of intention with surrender 
that keeps us perpetually awake
and connected to the creative force of the universe.
~David Simon~

This quote by David Simon offers a solution to the struggle I experience as to whether I should choose to imagine, and embody that which I am imagining, or to simply meditate and allow the universe to direct my experience. In meditation I am privy to all the information that contributes to a custom made experience. When I imagine, I am creating from a response to what I have observed.

The reason for this struggle is that I forget that G.U.S. is always aware of my desires, and knows what makes me happy. My job is only to focus, with thought and feeling, on that which makes me feel good and then, through meditation and walking openness, allow the experiences designed for me that are in line with those feelings. I embody the feeling and the experiences follow.

The miracles God has in store for you
 are beyond your wildest imagination.
The universe is ripe with possibilities for your unlimited good.
 ~Marianne Williamson~

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