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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Got Dreams?

My “taking a step toward that which is advancing on me” method.

Even if I am nowhere near the energy to make a move towards my goals, I make even the tiniest of steps anyway. If I am lined up with something, then the energy to go further will automatically engage. If I am not lined up, and the energy does not come, then I am content that the timing is not right and I move on to something I want to do. 

Later, I will again take even the tiniest step towards the same thing or another possibility. One of these tiny steps will, at a synchronistic point, open a floodgate of energy towards a magical line-up of something perfectly designed for me.

If I cannot even think of a tiny step, I pause, relax, breathe, stop thought, and ask, “What should I do next?” The answer always comes. Most often, this leads to a synchronistic point.

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