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Monday, March 12, 2012

More than you could ever know...

"To enter a deep state of stillness and silence, we have to go beyond the mind’s constant stream of thoughts into the field of pure awareness. In our dynamic, goal-oriented world, we don’t usually spend much time or attention cultivating this quality of awareness, but it has been my experience that learning to surrender to silence nurtures all aspects of life – including our environment, our body, our relationships, our heart-centered awareness." 
    ~David Simon~

I've been the meditation route, imagination route, the gratitude route, in the moment, feeling the feeling, walking the walk, and I can, with experiential knowledge, say that meditation is the one thing you don't want to leave home without having done. Combine it with any of the other processes but make sure you don't leave meditation out of the mix. 

Meditation fills your future with knowledge, guidance and experiences you have no other way of accessing. We only know what we have experienced. Imagine a computer putting in all your likes and dislikes, desired experiences, your abundance and well being, and it programs the world to set it all up. That is what meditation does for us.

Anytime, anywhere you have the ability to put thought aside, you are meditating. Anytime you clear your mind you are allowing the computer to charge, inspire, and line you up.

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