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Friday, April 27, 2012

I teach in hopes of learning :)

Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. You start to suffocate. In endless flux the universe is reborn in every moment. Let go and flow is the only way to live.
      ~Deepak Chopra~

When something is zapping our vital energy, we have reached the peak place of LET IT GO. Let it go means let it go. It does not mean make a decision, though that may come. It does not mean give up, as in thinking there is no solution.

Let it go means to remove the situation from the ticker tape, emotion laden thoughts that are zapping our vital energy. Let it go means psychologically back flopping on a pile of supportive soft pillows known as our all-knowing place of intelligence, peace, comfort and joy that has all the answers.

It’s seems unimaginable that by doing nothing, something better than what we are afraid to let go of falls in our lap. But how many stories have we heard of people struggling for so long just to have their dream realized so close to the moment they relaxed and gave up. 

The big answers are just as accessible as the small ones.
Keep the same casual breeziness of expectation of the big answers
as you do for the small ones. Anxiety blocks.
        ~Angie Ducharme~

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