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Saturday, April 14, 2012

There's a new gathering energy in the air...

... an energy style of letting go and rolling with, rather than resisting and making happen, is a spreading, growing trend. Rather than put, do, or make happen, we’re more required to simply bear witness to all the bits and pieces falling into place, and to be quiet enough inside to hear what it's telling us to do next, then doing it with the minimum fuss, in a spirit of fun and enjoyment, and of service as opposed to engrossment in our own gratification.

This flow of life feels a bit like being on a magic carpet or board ride, at fairly high altitude, buffeted by solar winds, yet fielding them well enough and managing to remain in a state of relative equipoise, being whooshed along at a respectable clip, towards goodness knows what, but it feels irresistible. 

     ~adapted, Barefoot Doctor

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