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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Law of Divine Compensation

When we are doing activities that are effortless and joyful, the ones when time flies by, when we're in the zone and we always look forward to them, we are participating in the uniqueness that is our place in our world. Whether we are looking for a job, do not enjoy the job we have, or are not being compensated well for the job we do, these activities are your clue to the resolution of these issues.

Settling for a job that you hate, feeling like you'll never find a job, accepting minimal compensation for the work you do, are all ways to deny the power we all have to attract the place we are all meant to be, doing the activities we were all meant to do, benefiting our world through our destined uniqueness.

How do we find this place? We follow our internal guidance system. We all have it. We ask ourselves...

“Where would you have me go? 
What would you have me do? 
What would you have me say, and to whom?” 
~ A Course In Miracles

Ask the questions and then  go about your day expecting to read something, hear something, think of something etc. that will lead to steps we should take. TRUST! We have the power to allow or deny the answers with our belief in their existence or not.

Too much time is wasted hating what we do. Our time is precious. It is of utmost benefit to ourselves and the world to have everyone contributing their uniqueness joyfully through our individual callings.

Concept from an Article adapted from Marianne Williamson's New Book "The Law of Divine Compensation"

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