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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mercury's in Retrograde you say?

Top 10 Things Not To Do During Mercury in Retrograde

1.     Don't make agreements
2.     Don't start or accept a new job
3.     Don't try to close a sale
4.     Don't initiate new projects
5.     Avoid scheduling meetings as much as possible
6.     Avoid traveling a lot
7.     Don't purchase computers or begin installations
8.     Avoid auto repairs
9.     Don't make big purchases
10.   Don't select a roommate or move in with one

10 Good Things That Happen During Mercury Retrograde

1.     Finding lost items
2.     Hearing from people in your past
3.     Hearing from old clients or employers
4.     Finishing old projects
5.     Polishing up a great idea
6.     Have stress-free conversations - nothing heavy
7.     Discovering problems you can finally fix
8.     Learning the truth
9.     Corruption is exposed
10.   You will laugh more

~excerpted, adapted, Larry Schwimmer

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