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Friday, April 26, 2013

Quotes and health tip of the day... 4/26/13

The question that some 
might consider asking is, 
"Can others, 
doing what they're now doing, 
no matter what their motivation, 
no matter what our relationship, 
and no matter what they decide, 
keep me from being all I want to be?"

And the answer is always, 
"Not in a million years."
     ~ Mike Dooley 

The good news is that the moment 
you decide that what you know 
is more important than what 
you have been taught to believe, 
you will have shifted gears 
in your quest for abundance. 
Success comes from within, 
not from without. 
     ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Health Tip: Mama was right! “Eat your oatmeal”
Go for the unprocessed, old fashioned oatmeal. The soluble fiber contained in oats and other foods binds with and helps remove cholesterol that can clog your arteries and lead to heart disease. But for the healthiest oatmeal option, stick with the unprocessed oatmeal. The few minutes time that you save by using instant oatmeal isn’t worth the nutritional losses. Old fashioned oatmeal contains no sodium and only one gram of sugar, and has a little more protein and fiber. Instant oatmeal varieties contain about 300 milligrams of sodium and 13 grams of sugar (equivalent to about three teaspoons) and less protein and fiber. Instant oatmeal may cook in the microwave in 90 seconds, but old fashioned oatmeal only takes three minutes. 
~West Penn Allegheny Health System

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quotes and health tip of the day... 4/25/13

You do know that with your status now, 
you can be a conduit for all the love 
that's ever been felt?
Tap into all the knowledge 
that's ever been known?
Travel out-of-body through time and space?
Walk on water? Read minds? Speak tongues? 
Love yourself? Feel good? Enjoy today?

Yeah, let's start at the bottom and work up.
Nothing but green lights ahead.
     ~ Mike Dooley

Make sure to play some today.
Play trains the mind for the unexpected.
Fortune favors the prepared mind.
     ~adapted, Angie Ducharme,
                Marc Bekoff, Louis Pasteur

Health Tip:
Laugh and Play everyday!
This video will get you started…

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From my Guru, Neville Goddard...


By imagination, we are all reaping our destinies, whether they be good, bad, or indifferent. Imagination has full power of objective realization and every stage of man’s progress or regression is made by the exercise of imagination.

I believe with William Blake, “What seems to be, is, to those to whom it seems to be, and is productive of the most dreadful consequences to those to whom it seems to be, even of torments, despair, and eternal death. By imagination and desire we become what we desire to be.

Let us affirm to ourselves that we are what we imagine. If we persist in the assumption that we are what we wish to be, we will become transformed into that which we have imagined ourselves to be.

We were born by a natural miracle of love and for a brief space of time our needs were all another’s care. In that simple truth lies the secret of life. Except by love, we cannot truly live at all. Our parents in their separate individualities have no power to transmit life. So, back we come to the basic truth that life is the offspring of love. Therefore, no love, no life. 

Radio Lecture #02 - Neville - Station KECA, L.A.    07/1951
Provided by Jan McKee


Indoma's Place
Home of Imagination Education
100 Days of Joy

Quotes and health tip of the day... 4/24/13

Well, we all make mistakes, dear…
…learn from them, but never carry them 
forward into the future…
     ~ L. M. Montgomery

Isn't it nice to think 
that tomorrow is a new day 
with no mistakes in it yet?
     ~ L. M. Montgomery

The past does not exist
except in your mind,
and the future is subject
to your imagination!
     ~ Angie Ducharme

Health Tip:

MEDITATE!! :) :) :) :)

Benefits…  by,
Physiological benefits:
1- It lowers oxygen consumption.
2- It decreases respiratory rate.
3- It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
4- Increases exercise tolerance.
5- Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
6- Good for people with high blood pressure.
7- Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
8- Decreases muscle tension
9- Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.
10- Reduces Pre-menstrual Syndrome symptoms.
11- Helps in post-operative healing.
12- Enhances the immune system.
13- Reduces activity of viruses and emotional distress
14- Enhances energy, strength and vigour.
15- Helps with weight loss
16- Reduction of free radicals, less tissue damage
17- Higher skin resistance
18- Drop in cholesterol levels, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.
19- Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing.
20- Decreases the aging process.
21- Higher levels of DHEAS (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
22- prevented, slowed or controlled pain of chronic diseases
23- Makes you sweat less
24- Cure headaches & migraines
25- Greater Orderliness of Brain Functioning
26- Reduced Need for Medical Care
27- Less energy wasted
28- More inclined to sports, activities
29- Significant relief from asthma
30- improved performance in athletic events
31- Normalizes to your ideal weight
32- harmonizes our endocrine system
33- relaxes our nervous system
34- produce lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity
35- Cure infertility (the stresses of infertility can interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation).
Psychological benefits:
36- Builds self-confidence.
37- Increases serotonin level, influences mood and behaviour.
38- Resolve phobias & fears
39- Helps control own thoughts
40- Helps with focus & concentration
41- Increase creativity
42- Increased brain wave coherence.
43- Improved learning ability and memory.
44- Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
45- Increased emotional stability.
46- improved relationships
47- Mind ages at slower rate
48- Easier to remove bad habits
49- Develops intuition
50- Increased Productivity
51- Improved relations at home & at work
52- Able to see the larger picture in a given situation
53- Helps ignore petty issues
54- Increased ability to solve complex problems
55- Purifies your character
56- Develop will power
57- greater communication between the two brain hemispheres
58- react more quickly and more effectively to a stressful event.
59- increases one’s perceptual ability and motor performance
60- higher intelligence growth rate
61- Increased job satisfaction
62- increase in the capacity for intimate contact with loved ones
63- decrease in potential mental illness
64- Better, more sociable behaviour
65- Less aggressiveness
66- Helps in quitting smoking, alcohol addiction
67- Reduces need and dependency on drugs, pills & pharmaceuticals
68- Need less sleep to recover from sleep deprivation
69- Require less time to fall asleep, helps cure insomnia
70- Increases sense of responsibility
71- Reduces road rage
72- Decrease in restless thinking
73- Decreased tendency to worry
74- Increases listening skills and empathy
75- Helps make more accurate judgements
76- Greater tolerance
77- Gives composure to act in considered & constructive ways
78- Grows a stable, more balanced personality
79- Develops emotional maturity
Spiritual benefits:
80- Helps keep things in perspective
81- Provides peace of mind, happiness
82- Helps you discover your purpose
83- Increased self-actualization.
84- Increased compassion
85- Growing wisdom
86- Deeper understanding of yourself and others
87- Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony
88- Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation
89- Increased acceptance of oneself
90- helps learn forgiveness
91- Changes attitude toward life
92- Creates a deeper relationship with your God
93- Attain enlightenment
94- greater inner-directedness
95- Helps living in the present moment
96- Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love
97- Discovery of the power and consciousness beyond the ego
98- Experience an inner sense of “Assurance or Knowingness”
99- Experience a sense of “Oneness”
100- Increases the synchronicity in your life

DO IT! :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Quotes and health tip of the day... 4/23/13

We shall have no better 
conditions in the future 
if we accept all those 
which we have at present.
     ~ adapted, Thomas Edison

Curiosity is a willing, a proud, 
an eager confession of ignorance.
     ~ S. Leonard Rubinstein

If you are seeking creative ideas, 
go out walking. Angels whisper 
to a man when he goes for a walk.
     ~ Raymond Immon

Health Tip:
A one-ounce serving of pistachios is about 49 nuts.  A serving only provides 1.5 grams of saturated fat and is cholesterol free, making pistachios a heart-healthy snack.  You also get 160 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of protein, so snacking on pistachios will keep you feeling full and can help with weight maintenance.  Pistachios also include the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which are important for eye health.
     ~Bob and Randy Harmon

Monday, April 22, 2013

Quotes and health tip of the day... 4/22/13

When you are content to be simply yourself
and don't compare or compete,
everybody will respect you.
     ~ Lao Tzu

Do not seek happiness
in the hearts and minds of others.
Let your own happiness
reflect it in them.
     ~ adapted, Hunter S. Thompson

I know the things I know
And do the things I do,
And if you don't like me so,
To hell, my love, with you.
     ~ Dorothy Parker
(at least she said “my love” :) )

Health Tip
For healthy digestion and weight loss: first thing in the morning, drink warm water with the juice of ½ to a whole lemon.