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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Voice ~by Shel Silverstein

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
"I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong."
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What's right for you--just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Beware or rejoice - feeling is the assent of the subconscious

"Chance or accident is not responsible for the things that happen to you, nor is predestined fate the author of your fortune or misfortune. Your subconscious impressions determine the conditions of your world. The subconscious is not selective; it is impersonal and no respecter of persons. The subconscious is not concerned with the truth or falsity of your feeling. It always accepts as true that which you feel to be true. Feeling is the assent of the subconscious to the truth of that which is declared to be true. Because of this quality of the subconscious there is nothing impossible to man. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify. Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern.”     
     ~ Neville Goddard

Quotes and health tip of the day.... 7/4/13

“If a man looks upon any other man 
and estimates that man as less than himself, 
then he is stealing from the other. 
He is stealing the other's birthright 
- that of equality.” 
     ~Neville Goddard

“An awakened imagination 
works with a purpose. 
It creates and conserves the desirable, 
and transforms or destroys the undesirable.” 
     ~Neville Goddard

Health Tip: Heal Yourself! 
15 Article Series - Day 8

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


When you have discovered your own controlled imagination to be your savior,  your attitude will be completely altered without any diminution of religious feeling, and you will say of your controlled imagination "Behold this vine. I found it a wild tree, whose wanton strength had swollen into irregular twigs. But I pruned the plant and it grew temperate in its vain expense of useless leaves, and knotted as you see into these clean full clusters to repay the hand that wisely wounded it."

By vine is meant your imagination, which, in its uncontrolled state, expends its energy in useless or destructive thoughts and feelings. But you, just as the vine is pruned by cutting away its useless branches and roots, prune your imagination by withdrawing your attention from all unlovely and destructive ideas and concentrating on the ideal you wish to attain. 

The Power Of AwarenessCopyright © 1952 by Neville
Revised Edition Copyright © 1992 by Victoria Goddard

Quotes and health tip of the day... 7/3/13

To heal physically, one must heal 
the emotional aspect of the issue first 
or it will resurface in another way.
     ~ Stephen Richards

Mistakes are your school of learning 
therefore forgiveness is your greatest teacher 
in this school of learning.
     ~ Stephen Richards

Once you start laughing
you start healing. 
     ~ Sherry Argov

Health Tip: Heal Yourself! 
15 Article Series - Day 7

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quotes and health tip of the day... 7/2/13

“I would feel more optimistic 
about a bright future for man 
if he spent less time proving 
that he can outwit Nature 
and more time tasting her sweetness 
and respecting her seniority.” 
     ~ E. B. White

“I see nothing in space as promising 
as the view from a Ferris wheel.” 
     ~ E. B. White

“I arise in the morning torn between 
a desire to improve the world 
and a desire to enjoy the world.”
     ~ E. B. White 

Health Tip: Heal Yourself! 
15 Article Series - Day 6

Monday, July 1, 2013

Quotes and health tip of the day... 7/1/13

The practice of forgiveness
is our most important contribution
to the healing of the world.
     ~ Marianne Williamson

Many people have gone a lot farther
than they thought they could because
someone else thought they could.
     ~ Zig Ziglar

What we experience flows from
the decisions we make.
Be hurtful if you wish to suffer;
loving if you want to be embraced.
     ~ Ivan Kelley

Health Tip: Heal Yourself!
15 Article Series - Day 5