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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Twelve Items or Less Anecdote

Yesterday afternoon at Market Basket, in the twelve items or less line, holding 4 boxes of tissues, the elderly gentleman behind me said, "I'll give you ten cents to let me cut in front of you." That was the first of a litany of jokes to follow. He asked if someone had a really bad cold (4 boxes of tissues). "What do you call someone who does not have a body, just a nose?" "What?" "Nobody knows."

I never remember jokes, and every stupid joke he told I wished I could remember to tell Mia, and I kept saying, "I wish I could remember these jokes for my niece." He said, "You'll remember them." I said, "No, I really won't. I never do."

Guess what? I remembered them :) Enjoy! (or not - haha)

"Do you know who Tigger is?" "Yes." "Why was Tigger looking in the toilet?" "I don't know." "He was looking for Pooh."

"Why did the turtle want to cross the highway?" "Why?" "To get to the Shell station."

"Do you eat fish?" "No, nothing with a face." "Do you know what a lobster is?" "Yes." "Do you know what a crab is?" "Yes." "Do you know why lobsters and crabs don't share food?" "No." "They're shell fish."

"My dog is good at math. I asked him, what is six minus six? He said nothing." 

I checked out and said, "Enjoy your evening." He said "I get along much better with kids than women." "Always leave them laughing." ~ Milton Berle

I hope you had a little chuckle!

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