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Friday, April 10, 2015

National Sibling Day!

We are the cutest! ♥

Quotes of they day... 4/10/15

Why love people?
Because we're communal animals 
and our world is comprised of two things: 
where we are and who we're with – 
love the people, you love the world, 
love the world, you love life, 
love life and life loves you back – that's why.
     ~ Stephen Russell

You don't have to people-please – 
nor do you have to be horrid.
You just have to love.
     ~adapted, Stephen Russell

Soften that heart, 
allow goodness to stream 
unreservedly into the world, 
and all the world's goodness
streams unreservedly to you. 
     ~adapted, Stephen Russell

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Quotes of the day... 4/9/15

Rename burdens and challenges "adventures"
and watch the energy switch. 
The first slumps the shoulders and droops the eyes. 
The latter lifts the head and puffs the chest. 
The first drains your reserves. 
The latter creates adrenaline.

Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. 
Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. 
Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience 
holds the seed of transformation.
     ~Alan Cohen~

Do not resist events 
that move you out of your comfort zone, 
especially when your comfort zone 
is not all that comfortable.
     ~  Alan Cohen

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quotes of the day... 4/8/15

There is an inherent aliveness 
in the body that you can experience 
if you pay attention to your body. 
But if you live up in your head, 
in your words all the time, 
you don’t notice it.
     ~ Charles Tart

The challenge of the path of joy 
is to create freedom. True joy 
comes from operating with 
and recognizing who you are.
     ~ Sanaya

When you get free from certain fixed concepts
of the way the world is, you find
it is more subtle, and far more miraculous,
than you thought it was.
     ~ Alan Watts

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Synchronicity, Consciousness, and Causality

"The database behaves like an electrostatic condenser with a field of potentiality, rather than a battery with a stored charge.  A question can't be asked unless there's already the potentiality of the answer.  The reason for this is that the question and answer are both created out of the same paradigm and, therefore, are exactly symmetrical --there can be no "up" without an already existent "down". Causality occurs as simultaneity rather than as a sequence; synchronicity is the term used by Jung to explain this phenomenon in human experience.  As we understand from our examination of physics, an event "here" in the universe doesn't "cause" an event to occur "there" --instead, both appear at the same time.

What's the connection between these events, then, if it isn't a Newtonian linear sequence of cause and effect?  Obviously, the two are related or connected to each other in some invisible manner, but not by gravity or magnetism, or even by a cosmic field of such magnitude that it includes both events.  The "connection" between any two events occurs only in the observer's consciousness --he "sees" a connection and describes a "pair" of events, hypothesizing a relationship.  This relationship is a concept in the mind of the observer; it isn't necessary that any corollary external event exists in the universe.  Unless there's an underlying attractor pattern, nothing can be experienced. Thus, the entire manifest universe is its own simultaneous expression and experience of itself.

Omniscience is omnipotent and omnipresent.  There's no distance between the unknown and the known --the known is manifest from the unknown merely by the asking.  For example, the Empire State Building was born in the mind of its architects --human consciousness is the agent that can transform an unseen concept into its manifested experience, which is therefore frozen in time ... 

... Time, then, is much like a hologram that already stands complete; it's a subjective, sensory effect of a progressively moving point of view.  There's no beginning or end to a hologram, it's already everywhere, complete --in fact, the appearance of being "unfinished" is part of its completeness.  Even the phenomenon of "unfoldment" itself reflects a limited point of view; there is no enfolded and unfolded universe, only a becoming awareness.  Our perception of events happening in time is analogous to a traveler watching the landscape unfold before him.  But to say that the landscape unfolds before a traveler is merely a figure of speech --nothing is actually unfolding: nothing is actually becoming manifest.  There's only the progression of awareness.

These paradoxes dissolve in the greater paradigm that includes both opposites, wherein oppositions as such are only related to the locations of the observer.  This transcendence of opposition occurs spontaneously at consciousness levels of 600 and above.  The notion that there's a "knower" and a "known" is in itself dualistic, in that it implies a separation between subject and object (which, again, can only be inferred by the artificial adoption of a point of observation).  The Maker of all things in Heaven and on Earth, of all things visible and invisible, stands beyond both, includes both, and is one with both.  Existence, is, therefore, merely a statement that awareness is aware of its awareness and of its expression as consciousness... "

     ~ David Hawkins

Quotes of the day... 4/7/15

“He thought about his journey.
He learned a lot! It seemed like only
yesterday he believed changed happened to him…
Now he realized that the best change happens
inside of you – like when you believe a change
can lead to something better, and so it does.”
     ~ Who Moved My Cheese? For Kids

Carry humility and humor.
Find guidance in intuition and meditation.
Move with the rhythms 
that flow through our existence.
The less resistance, the more we discover.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Quotes of the day... 4/6/15

We dance round in a ring and suppose,
but the secret sits in the middle and knows.
     ~ Robert Frost

In the still point of the moment
the universe evolves.
     ~ Deepak Chopra

How can I accept a limited definable self 
when I feel, in me, all possibilities?
I never feel the four walls 
around the substance of the self, the core. 
I feel only space. Illimitable space.
     ~ Anais Nin