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Sunday, February 21, 2016

What is a good day and why?

Every day is a good day. Every day holds an evolutionary purpose. Unfortunately, every day does not feel like a good day.

If we look back on a good day, sometimes it was the events that made it good, but other times we just felt happy for no reason at all. Let's look at the days that were good simply because we felt good.

What causes us to feel bad when nothing bad is happening? What causes us to feel good when nothing particularly great is happening? We have to "think" it is good, or "think" that it is bad.

We don't have to work too hard on a day that feels good or a day that has fun things happening, but it is the days that "feel" bad that we need to pay particular attention to. These are the days we have the power to increase the frequency of our good days.

The days we feel bad are the days we need to monitor our thoughts and, more importatntly, to listen to our higher wisdom. These are the days we need to only connect to thoughts or decisions that feel inspired.

The more we do the work on the days that feel bad, the less frequent those days come.

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