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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fluid Goals for Changing Times ~adapted, Danny L. Smith

In absence of clearly defined goals, 
we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia. 
~ Robert Heinlein 

Our culture is changing and, depending upon where you are reading this from, the life around you is very likely changing much faster than you even begin to be aware.

In America we've morphed, in two short decades, from a society that feared and resisted change to one that not only accepts change as inevitable, but 1. completely takes dramatic change for granted and 2. does little to prepare to stay with it.

Instead, as a society, the American culture just chases after what it wants in afterthought.

Daily practice suggests some slight modifications to the traditional rules of goal-setting:

1. Set goals with expectation that the longer the timeline, the more likely they will almost certainly change.

2. Goal plans must be "LIVING DOCUMENTS."

3. Constantly re-evaluate your goals and your plans. A robust evaluation system will help insure good results of achieving your goals. The evaluation must be active and passive. This means that you must be asking questions, looking for problems in your plan (active) and keeping an awareness of problems (passive). For a good mental picture of passive and active, think about active and passive sonar on a submarine; active is pinging for an enemy while passive is listening and being keenly aware of surroundings.

4. Don't allow your tolerance for change to allow you to give up on something prematurely. This is one reason your plan should have minor-goals that lead up to the major outcome.

If you've been running your career in an unfocused manner, and most people do, it is absolutely critical that you take the time to practice proper goal setting.

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