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Friday, June 3, 2016

Quotes of the day... 6/3/16

We actually contain a built-in ability 
to rise above restriction, incapacity, 
or limitation and, as a result of this ability, 
possess a vital adaptive nature
that we have not yet fully accessed. 
While this ability can lead us to transcendence, 
paradoxically it can lead also to violence; 
our longing for transcendence arises 
from our intuitive sensing of this 
adaptive potential and our violence 
arises from our failure to develop it.
     ~adapted, Joseph Chilton Pearce

Operate within a new form of science 
that asks not just what is possible, 
but what is appropriate—
appropriate to the well-being 
of self and Earth. Such a question 
does not originate in the mental realm 
but the higher self, and is felt bodily, 
once our senses are attuned. 
     ~adapted, Joseph Chilton Pearce

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