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Monday, July 4, 2016

My weekend adventures!

Saturday morning hike in our local Hampstead haunt :) 
There's nothing like early morning sunlight.

Saturday afternoon hike was at the Sandown Town Forest. 
Bobcats were listed on the possible wildlife 
we could be fortunate enough to observe. 
I was, fortunately, not fortunate enough to observe a bobcat :)

Sunday morning was another first.
We went to the Riverside Dog Park and Trails. 
We had the dog park to ourselves for awhile, 
then hit the trails when company arrived ;)

Sunday afternoon was another first.
We went to Winnekenni Park, Conservation Area, and Castle
on Kenoza Lake with Elizabeth and Daisy :)

 Taking note of my little corner of the world on the deck. 
Not too shabby ♥

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