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Friday, November 4, 2016

Quotes of the day... 11/4/16

“Life is an unanswered question, 
but let's still believe in the dignity 
and importance of the question.”
     ~ Tennessee Williams 

“Enthusiasm is the most important thing in life.”
     ~ Tennessee Williams 

“There is only one true aristocracy . . . 
and that is the aristocracy of passionate souls!”
     ~ Tennessee Williams 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Quotes of the day... 11/3/16

“Let me give you some advice: 
Try to approach things without 
preconceived ideas, without 
supposing you already know 
everything there is to know about them. 
Get that trick down and you'll be 
surprised at what's really all around you.”
     ~ Charles de Lint   

So attend wholly to the one thing before you. 
And the radiance of the entire universe 
will dwell in that one small thing. 
     ~ Gerald Grow 

Be your authentic, creative, unique, 
weird, funny, unusual, and lovable self.
     ~ Doreen Virtue 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quote of the day... 11/2/16

     “Not only do we all have magic, it's all around us as well. We just don't pay attention to it. Every time we make something out of nothing, that's an act of magic. It doesn't matter if it's a painting or a garden, or an abuelo telling his grandchildren some tall tale. Every time we fix something that's broken, whether it's a car engine or a broken heart, that's an act of magic.
     And what makes it magic is that we *choose* to create or help, just as we can choose to harm. But it's so easy to destroy and so much harder to make things better. That's why doing the right thing makes you stronger.
     If we can only remember what we are and what we can do, nobody can bind us or control us.”    ~ Charles de Lint 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Quotes of the day... 11/1/16

“Don't forget - no one else 
sees the world the way you do, 
so no one else can tell the stories 
that you have to tell.”
     ~ Charles de Lint 

“You've got to find yourself first. 
Everything else'll follow.”
     ~ Charles de Lint

“Look inside yourself for the answers - 
you're the only one who knows 
what's best for you. 
Everybody else is only guessing.”
     ~ Charles de Lint 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Quotes of the day... 10/31/16

“Sometimes life seems like a poorly designed cage 
within which man has been sentenced to be free.” 
     ~ Sheldon B. Kopp 

“All of the truly important battles 
are waged within the self.”
     ~ Sheldon B. Kopp 

In the long run we get no more than 
we have been willing to risk giving. 
     ~ Sheldon Kopp 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Protecting Your Dog From Pain

"By the time they are 3 years old, most dogs already show signs of gum disease (also called periodontal disease). As a result, dogs may be at risk for some of the same problems that chronic infection can cause in people, including heart, liver, and kidney problems.

"Pets don't show pain from dental disease," says Tony M. Woodward, a veterinary dentist in Colorado. "When they're in pain I wish dogs would paw at their faces or stop eating, but they don't."

As a matter of fact, your dog can have a mouthful of abscessed teeth and still eat just fine, Woodward says.

"That's the main reason why people should care about dental problems in pets: It hurts them," he says."

Take small steps. Don't give up because you can't accomplish every step right away!