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Saturday, January 7, 2017

What raises our health meter?

Studies have shown that the healthiest people don't always have the healthiest of habits. The one habit they all have in common though, is a healthy mindset.

A healthy mindset translates to our cells. Our cells respond to happiness, regardless of the lack of other healthy habits. The question is how to keep a healthy mindset.

Happy people stay in the moment, enjoy problem solving, are curious, nonjudgmental of others and themselves, have positive expectations, and appreciate the gift of life.

In my opinion, that last one is the best one. If nothing else, practice appreciation of life. We can be grateful for something in every moment. If you don't feel happy, quickly look at the moment and what is around you to be grateful for. We can even be grateful going to the bathroom ;) I mean, who can't appreciate the ability to go to the bathroom? :) Some people can't go to the bathroom. You get my point?

On the flip side, those with the healthiest of habits are not necessarily the healthiest if they have a miserable mindset. By no means discount healthy habits. They're our insurance plan when life takes a tumble, but the more we practice gratitude, the better our mindset will become, and the healthier our bodies will be. Bonus: gratitude attracts more to be grateful for!!

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