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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Confirmation of my love of lists!

Here I am sitting on the couch with potential for a very productive day. I have options floating around in my head; some I'd like to do, some I should do, and some I shouldn't do - like sitting on the couch on my phone and the computer with "Hart of Dixie" playing in the background, and the pup snuggled up to me. Though pleasurable, not productive!

It would seem I should make the list right away, but for some reason I have to meet with the panic of wasting a greater part of the day before I make the gosh darn LIST, and then the magic begins. I organize it in sections of have to's, should's, would like to's, and if I have time to's, all numbered.

All of a sudden my mind has been freed up of panic, guilt, and confusion. What appeared in my head to be a daunting, painful list of tasks are accomplished in a surprisingly, rapid fashion. It also provides the space to follow the inspiration to do things that weren't even on the list, like writing this blog post :)

"It’s true -- writing something down really solidifies the goal and makes it more attainable. A study at Dominican University of California found once you put pen to paper on a goal -- you are 33 percent more likely to actually achieve it. Not only do you become more motivated but you are reminded of your goal and become more accountable, too." ~ Paula Rizzo, Emmy award-winning network TV producer, who blogs at

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